Grant Coordinator

Meet Cheri Sylla the Statewide Grant Coordinator for the Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI) and an employee of Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1.

Cheri is the mother of an adult son with an intellectual disability and epilepsy. She has been an actively engaged parent throughout his school years and continues to support him to have a happy, fulfilling life in his community.

Her Role: 
  • Coordinate the WSPEI grant and the activities associated with it to ensure the grant meets outcomes.
  • Direct and delegate work groups and project teams the grant’s work.
  • Support all WSPEI Coordinators to work with schools and communities to increase family engagement.
  • Assist families who seek support to become a more effective advocate for their child.
  • I collaborate with other WSPEI and DPI discretionary grant staff, along with state agencies to promote family engagement efforts areas of the state, reaching out to culturally diverse populations in offering training and resources.

Since August 2003, she has worked with families and special education directors in many districts to look for ways to increase family engagement.  Implementing the WSPEI District Family Engagement Liaison Program in the CESA 1 area has resulted in over half of all districts identifying a local parent to be trained as their district’s liaison.  Cheri has provided trainings and workshops to families of children with disabilities focused on developing leadership skills and knowledge to enhance positive parent professional partnerships for positive outcomes for their child.

Cheri's contact information:

Cheri Sylla
N25 W23131 Paul Rd. Suite 100
Pewaukee, WI 53702

Phone: (262) 787-9500, ext. 9565